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New and Used Car Buying Tips

Purchasing a new car can be one of the most exciting prospects in a person’s life. There are so many aspects to buying a new car that many people may become overwhelmed with the choices. Because these choices can be overwhelming, some people find themselves confused when they are approached by a sales agent and may not make a wise decision when it comes time to close the deal. There are a few tips one may keep in mind when purchasing a new car that can save a lot of time and headaches.

Stick Firm on Price

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when purchasing an automobile is exceeding the limit they can afford to spend. Sales agents are schooled in up-grading customers, which make it exceedingly hard to stick to one’s budget. However, a car isn’t as enjoyable to drive when you can barely afford to make the payments. Find out what monthly payment you can make before you walk on the lot and stick to it. It is generally recommended by economists that one should not purchase a car that he or she cannot pay for within forty-eight months.

New or Used

The decision to purchase a new car versus a used car can be very perplexing. A used car is much cheaper than a new car; however, a new car may come with a better warranty than a new car. When buying a used car, it is best to know if there is any warranty with the vehicle. Most used car dealerships offer some type of warranty whether it is thirty days or ninety days. Some used car dealerships offer the buyer the option to purchase an extended warranty. Before purchasing any extended warranty, you should always read it thoroughly to ensure you are getting what the salesperson says. New car warranties are usually easier to negotiate because the car will have some type of factory warranty that goes with it.

Record Checks

There are many available services online that allow one to check all service records and issues with a particular car you may want to purchase. Ask for a vehicle report on the car that you wish to purchase before you sign any type of loan papers. AutoCheck and Carfax are the most popular used but there are many more services available. A consumer report on the car you wish to purchase is another bit of knowledge that is good to be armed with as well.